yieldHUB Database

At the heart of our latest innovative solutions is the yieldHUB database. The yieldHUB database is developed specifically for the needs of semiconductor data analysis, with innovations such as providing the meta data for the speedy on-line trend analysis of parameters across hundreds or thousands of wafers.

YeldHUB diagramWith the database structured specifically for the task many efficiencies are possible. The core database is common across the yieldHUB family of products with additional tools and customisation key to providing the wide range of solutions required in the semiconductor industry.

With every aspect of the database and user interface developed in house customisation is efficient and well controlled.

The database is structured to efficiently add data from a variety or sources, Foundry, Wafer Probe, Final Test. As well as being able to augment that data with additional genealogy and other information from MES systems.

Further enrichment of the database is then possible through the addition of user knowledge in the form of comments, shared reports, images and documents. This creates a knowledge base which is directly connected to the data, meaning that the additional information is available when required without additional searching.