Different levels of security are available depending upon our customer’s requirements. All options are secure with detailed additional information available upon request.

  • Standard hosted by customer – security jointly dependant upon customer IT.
  • Hosted by MFG Vision – Secure web access to enter the system. Server security to very high standards, full information available on request.
  • Segregated data hosted by customer completely inside company firewall – can include options to only make data available on site.
  • ITAR standard – proprietary method for securing data to meet stringent ITAR standards.

All installations are set-up with data back-up mechanisms in place as standard (hosted by customer data, customer is responsible for backups but guided by MFG Vision)

Anti-virus, intrusion detection, firewalls, proactive DDoS prevention are all in place on MFG Vision servers and are hosted in SAS 70 Type II certified facilities.