Data Pipeline

With many different data formats (as described on the Data Types & Formats page) it is very important that this data can reach the database quickly and efficiently.

The first question we often get from prospective customers is whether they will be able to get data from the Foundries and OSATs to carry out analysis. The answer is a clear yes. Our systems are designed to have an automatic pipeline for the data, this is quick and easy to set-up for both internal and external data. You can be assured that our customers are already bringing data into their databases from all of the major foundries and OSATs.

The data pipeline is secure, fast and proprietary design. Our methods of bringing data into yieldHUB cut out many steps that are unnecessary in order to maintain efficiency.

Each customer usually has multiple data pipelines bring data from multiple foundries and test locations. Different rules can be set-up for each pipeline and even multiple pipelines for one physical location. Getting data into the system is vitally important, we will help you to do it efficiently.