Data Types & Formats

“Data, Data, everywhere, but not a drop of information!” How long will it be before this becomes a famous quote? Everyday Terabytes of data are generated in the semiconductor industry but this data is not very meaningful until analysis turns it into information.

Bringing a lot of data into the database in a variety of formats is of course vital to making a yield management system work.

To date MFG Vision is parsing data from foundries including TSMC, UMC, GF, SMIC, XFAB, TowerJazz, ATMEL, DongBu, MXIC, MagnaChip, SMSC and many more as well as internal foundries at our IDM customers.

Wafer probe data and final test data is parsed from any tester using .stdf and .atdf format including Teradyne, Eagle, LTXC (LTX & Credence), HP, Agilent, Verigy, Avantest, formats  .stdf, .std, .std_1, .atdf, atd

Other standard formats include,

  • Terdyne (Eagle) .csv & .log
  • LTXC (Credence) (TMT) .spd
  • HP93K .gdf
  • Juno .csv / .jdf
  • Tessec numerous formats
  • Amida .log
  • Keithley .dlog

Many proprietary formats from our customers. These include test data from in house testers, variations on standard formats and special data such as shmoo plots.

Also data from MES (manufacturing execution systems) such as SAP, Oracle, PROMIS and more are successfully integrated with yieldHUB to augment the test data.