Cloud Computing

At the heart of our technology is secure private cloud computing. Cloud computing brings a number of benefits:

  • Access reports, data and tools through a web browser (no software installs per user)
  • No need to download any data before analysis. Analyse thousands of wafers if you need to.
  • Data anytime, anywhere, with cloud computing access can be given anywhere over the internet.
  • With the data on a central server all users worldwide can see all of the data unless you want to partition the data for certain groups of people.
  • Reports and insights can be shared instantly (even if you don’t know who to share to).
  • Data on the central server allows more functionality such as cross stage correlation.
  • User platform independent, users can access data using Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Android…. any system with a modern web browser.
  • We support all modern browsers.

The servers are private cloud servers which can be hosted within your company or within our US-based data warehouses.

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