yieldHUB startUP

YH StartupyieldHUB-startUP in partnership with E.K.S.S. Microelectronics means that start-ups can access all the power of yieldHUB in affordable, bite size chunks. Only pay for the reports and analysis you need on your data.

How we can help:

We can take your test data from your test house and / or foundry and efficiently analyze the data to understand the performance of your product. Examples of the types of reports we create are below, if you have another requirement please contact us to discuss.

  • Analyzing characterization results over corner lots vs. WAT results
  • Enhancing product robustness by analyzing first lots’ yields vs. sites vs. process
  • Analyzing drift on reliability testing
  • Checking for and identification of any reticle issues before large volume production
  • Discovering and recommending the elimination of redundant tests
  • Monitoring of early production

How it works

Contact us!


  • Exchange a bi-lateral NDA to protect your IP and our IP
  • Detail your project to one of our technical consultants, agreeing inputs (your data, outputs reports prepared for you, timescales and price).
  • We will carry out your project and deliver on time
  • You sign off our work
  • Now that you have told us that you’re happy we’ll invoice you


  • You send your datalogs by e-mail for small files or upload to our ftp site for larger files. Data is preferred in STDF format (.std, std_1 etc..) but many other formats are acceptable for example (but not exhaustive) ATDF (ASCII version of STDF) ASL .spd, ETS .csv, KAT .log, Juno .csv, Tesec .csv, Fab data from TSMC, UMC, XFAB, TowerJazz and many more
  • We will parse the data into yieldHUB-startUP database and analyze the data
  • We will share the reports to you
  • We will discuss the reports to share our understanding of your data
  • You will increase your understanding of your products

Contact the technical experts behind this Yovav Yahav-Amir or Kevin Robinson now!