yieldHUB fabless

YH FablessyieldHUB – Fabless, a comprehensive private cloud analysis system, will positively change yield management forever.

Clever database design ensures speed even for many gigabytes of data. You are not downloading and data before you analyse, just interacting with a server containing the database. No knowledge of SQL is required as the queries are already written into the analysis and report generation buttons on your browser. This chart was part of a report generated in less than two seconds based on 500 wafers (50GB of data) :Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 15.25.20

Already used by many companies around the world, yieldHUB – Fabless can help to improve your ramp to yield and production yield control now. With yieldHUB – Fabless, they will be able to monitor yield in a fraction of the time. With the industry’s most efficient automated alert system engineers can within seconds set-up alerts that tell when there’s an issue, where the issue is and what the issue is. Engineers are then focused on the key issues. This will reduce the man hours spent on yield and at the same time the engineers will know more about their products. The scheduled automatic reports on historical data also ensure that they do not miss any long term trends which results in they knowing more about their products. All of this is achieved with less man hours than before giving more results from engineers’ valuable time.

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MFG Vision collaboration tools are directly applicable to fabless companies. Our data segregation allows you to give access to Foundry and OSAT engineers to only their data. This has been successfully running for a number of years and is increasingly popular for subcontractor management.

yieldHUB – fabless, is the ideal system for fabless companies to manage your yields. With all of the tools you need as standard, additional tools as options and customisation available to allow your company to gain competitive advantage.

yieldHUB – fabless includes tools such as cross stage correlation, automated reports, automated alerts, custom group analysis, summary reports and more without including tools that are not applicable to fabless companies.

yieldHUB – fabless is scalable, both in terms of how many users and how many new GB of data can be added per day.

Contact us for the password to the webinar video below. The yieldHUB – Fabless webinar explains the benefits and shows a live demo of yieldHUB – Fabless.