YieldHubyieldHUB is the flagship platform which enables a number of other MFG Vision products.

The yieldHUB platform not only provides the data that enables powerful analytical solutions but it is also the only yield management / data analysis platform in the semiconductor industry that includes such an extensive set of collaboration functions.

Enterprise Yield Management in Semiconductor companies is, and always will be a team effort.

yieldHUB transforms web-based yield management by being the first system which integrates tools for collaboration and notifications. Instant sharing of interactive reports, tracking material, closer collaboration with distant colleagues all becomes possible with this new capability set for Yield Management.

Our FloorVision product enhances productivity by around 20% according to our customers. yieldHUB increases productivity even further.

By directly adding knowledge from users into the system a knowledge base is quickly built up increasing efficiency as reoccurring problems are recognised and solved more quickly.

  • The comments, files and images are attached to the data so that this knowledge is available next time it is needed.
  • The knowledge stays in the system so even if that person leaves the company it is available to help solve the next problem.
  • Users can “follow” equipment, lots, test programs and more to receive instant notifications of issue or reports even from users who do not know them.

The specific products built on this platform deliver the solutions you need on this industry leading platform.