ShmooHubWhy Shmoo Plots?

  • Shmoo Plots can shortcut standard test characterisation
  • shmooHUB significantly reduces TTM
  • Reduced man hours and elapsed time to evaluate Shmoo Plots
  • Automatic categorisation of Shmoo Plots
  • Automatic graphical outputs
  • More information from stacked plots


shmooHUB solution

  • Greater use of Shmoo Plots will give a great advantage at advanced nodes
  • Your TTM for chip and IP development can be improved
  • Automation for the processing, storage and categorisation of Shmoo Plots will help greatly
  • shmooHUB fits alongside existing systems
  • shmooHUB is built on the yieldHUB platform offering all of the advantages of yieldHUB


To find out more please contact us for access to the video below which shows shmooHUB in action!