OsatHubProduction Monitoring

osatHUB, designed specifically for the OSAT (Offshore Assembly and Test) market, has a number of powerful tools for monitoring and analysing production data. Automated data feeds mean that data arrives into the database efficiently. Automated scheduled reports monitor long term trends. Alerts on bins, yields, site yield delta etc… shorten reaction times to production issues.

Root Cause

Automated analysis of variance can very quickly find issues with a tester, test site, program, hardware, handler etc… osatHUB also includes MFG Vision’s market leading gageHUB software which identifies problem tests before production and shows the root cause of the test issue. These tools along with MFG Vision engineering support will reduce the time it takes for your engineers to find the root cause.

Augmented Data

The information in datalogs is at the heart of osatHUB, however more information can be added automatically from MES systems, information such as customer name, product name, product family, customer lot ID etc… can greatly enhance the data in the database.

Knowledge Base

As part of the yieldHUB family of products, osatHUB includes key platform features such as “comment on anything”, which builds a knowledge base. As engineers share reports and comment on issues in osatHUB these comments build the knowledge base meaning that the problem is solved more quickly next time and if an engineer leaves the knowledge stays in the company.


First time test and retest data is automatically consolidated into a new file which is available for reports and as a new .stdf which can be downloaded for customers.