Gage VisionGageVision is an industry leading tool for understanding test facilities. By applying the principles of Gage R&R in a unique way, GageVision helps your engineers find and solve the root cause of test issues quickly.

Benefits of Gage R&R

  • Reduce RMA by setting guard bands
  • Identify problem tests
  • Understand how big is any test problem
  • Measure improvements in program
  • Identify root cause of test issue
  • Program, tester, hardware etc…

Capability of test facility

  • Repeatability
  • Reproducibility
  • Overall Error
  • See the variation
  • Understand variation in units of the test
  • Work with single site to 32 sites
  • Efficient reports

Root Cause

Identify problem tests before production and show the root cause of the test issue. Reduce the time it takes to find the root cause of the test problem.

Engineering Data

Only engineering data is required to see the benefit of GageVision. Upload through the web-browser UI or via FTP.

Comprehensive Tools

As well as the powerful Gage R&R tools which are key to GageVision there is also a set of standard semiconductor analysis tools such as histograms, box plots, scatter plots, trend charts etc….


MFG Vision offers on-site training and support form out experienced semiconductor product and test engineers. Also 24hour a day on-line software support. We will help you to realise the value from our software.