Floor Vision

FloorVision was MFG Vision’s flagship product until the release of yieldHUB in 2013. FloorVision is a powerful and innovative web-based Semiconductor Yield Management system which reduces analysis times from weeks or days to minutes and seconds. FloorVision has been running successfully on 3 continents since 2007.

MFG Vision’s Approach

  • We centralize your data, put it all on-line and make it accessible securely via the web
  • Dozens of one-click and extremely fast engineering tools are at your disposal for interactive analysis
  • Reports can be emailed from the system automatically either to send you a regular update or alert you of production performance issues
  • We provide on-line support and training as necessary to help you get up to speed

What are the key benefits?

  • Speed-to-root-cause
  • Unrivalled collaboration
  • Depth and breadth of features
  • Unmatched On-line support system
  • Highly competitive price
  • Effect of Fab on Test

Enterprise Data Model

All fab, probe and test data is centralized and linked up automatically. MES data is also integrated if available. The server is powerful and scalable with the database specially designed for efficient execution time for the comprehensive set of tools provided.