Selling semiconductor devices into the consumer electronics market is extremely competitive. The technology pushes forward continually and price pressure is always present. The end customers, you and I, demand more features, more performance from our electronics goods at lower prices.

Consumer electronics is focussed on high volumes and low margins. Yield is critical, 0.5% yield improvement if you ship 20million units a month is very beneficial.

MFG Vision technology is scalable to be suitable for customers shipping billions of units a month and more. The engineering efficiency tools help engineers to focus on the key problems solving the problems which give the highest return on investment for the effort applied.

Due to the competitive nature of the consumer market with end consumers demanding more for less, there is a growing demand on quality driven by the largest consumer electronics companies. This means that even automative practices such as part average testing are being demanded in the consumer electronics space. This demand very efficient solutions.

Additionally the sensitive nature of global product launches is pushing companies to demand that their suppliers ensure that data is available on a “need to know” basis only. Therefore solutions such as data segregation become necessary.