Automotive electronics is an area with clearly defined standards which must be met in order to supply. MFG Vision have been actively supporting automotive semiconductor suppliers for many years. A key requirement for the automotive sector is for suppliers to comply with AECQ standards in particular AECQ-001 which outlines requirements for Part Average Testing.


autoHUB” is the only solution in the market which has all the following characteristics:

  • Complete private cloud multi-site PAT solution for wafer sort with full on-line traceability of PAT limits and approvals
  • No software required on testers: this is server-side software and database solution with web-based users. Data processing & PAT algorithms are automated up to the point of approval of wafers by engineers
  • Includes SPAT calculator, per site DPAT automation, GDBN XY, GDBN Z. Includes also an array of features including a hugely scalable Statistical Bin Limit calculator, fast Wafer stacking and Parametric analysis. Includes ability for users to comment on wafers, testers, tests and bins for knowledge capture. Users can share reports and analyses on-line in real-time with fellow users overseas.

A video introduction is available on the autoHUB product page.

MFG Vision have been delivering both static and dynamic PAT solutions since 2006.

As well as PAT being an option to add to other systems the MFG Vision autoHUB solution [link to autoHUB product page] provides a number of tools specifically for automotive suppliers.

Automotive standards also demand long term data retention, increased amounts of reliability testing and Gage R&R studies on test facilities.

MFG Vision was also a Gold Sponsor at the Automotive Electronics Systems Innovation Network event held at the University of Warwick, UK, in September 2013.