“In terms of tools for High Reliability in the Mil/Aerospace sector, we at International Rectifier in Leominster, Mass., have used MFG Vision’s technology over the past couple of years and are very happy with the power of their database-oriented approach and the ability to have years of data on a secure internal server, with instant analysis, alerting and reporting. The customisability of MFG Vision’s software for our specific needs and the excellent support we have received from the start from MFG Vision personnel stand out for us in what is proving to be a truly win-win business relationship.”” – Rich Sullivan, Director of Logistics, IR HiRel, Leominster, Mass.

Aerospace is a true high reliability sector in the semiconductor market. Volumes are small enough that every die and every device is tracked in detail.

Algorithms are applied to check if a device is “Out of Family”.

Drift analysis is required for every device, RMA traceability is essential.

Drawing on experience in this sector and by working with our customers, MFG Vision created HiRelVision in 2011.

In 2015 we developed hirelHUB working closely with several hirel manufacturers. This incorporates speed and simplicity of analysis and includes the new requirements of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for JANS products. Any decision to approve lots or put them on hold is recorded online with comments being mandatory. The comments are all reviewable in the on-line database. Microsemi(Ennis, Ireland) is our lead customer and industry collaborator for JANS requirements in hirelHUB.

For hirel companies with Wafer Sort, we can now integrate the detection of outliers and unreliable units automatically pre-assembly. This is proven to increase yields and test results in final test. The engineer approves any updated maps destined for assembly and every decision is recorded in the database.