Shmoo Plot Analysis

In advanced nodes to use the same IP across different markets or products has not been simple resulting in unexpected problems. At 28nm and below there are lots of new metal layers that have been introduced.  When you start designing an analog IP block or memory, one has to worry about the base layers that use the interconnects.  IP companies have figured it out for 65nm and above but what traditionally worked i.e. start with design, replicate one piece of that and and on does not seem to work at advanced nodes.
Shmoo analysis is key to Design characterization and test setup verification at advanced nodes.

A tier 1 IDM chose to engage with MFG Vision for the creation of shmooHUB to solve this issue. shmooHUB is built on the yieldHUB platform with the purpose of automating the categorisation of shmoo plots.

Automated shmooplot categorisation is running live on the latest technologies and is being rolled out to benefit older technology nodes.