Real Time Reporting

“Time is money” is a quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century but is still very true today. “Real Time” means getting updates directly from the tester, testers, test floor. Not only updates once a lot or wafer has completed but continually during testing. This way an issue will be highlighted when the issue occurs not after the event.

In order to achieve this exciting level of up to date information it is necessary to install software on each tester on the test floor. On the tester screen up to date information is displayed about yield, site yield, bin yield and more.

And for managers and support engineers a user interface on your computer can show the status on each tester that is connected to realtimeHUB. Drilling down will show the detailed information which is available on the tester screen and further drill down can be enabled to offer all of the tools of osatHUB offline analysis on the data that is being generated now.