Data Segregation

Increasingly important for a number of reasons data segregation is at the heart of the architecture of the yieldHUB platform.

Reasons for data segregation range from allowing supplier engineers to only access data from that supplier to military data which must be restricted by law.

In the case of supplier engineers, they can be given different levels of access. Commonly our customers choose to give the supplier access only to their own data but with full access to the tools to analyse the data. This means that supplier and customer and work together using the engineering collaboration tools.

The same access control can be reversed for OSATs or services companies who can host their customer’s data and allow their customers to access only their own data and use the analysis tools. This is a very efficient method of managing customer’s data.

Data access control can also be demanded by customers. In the case of one very large end customer they demand that data from the key devices going into their phones and tablets should be available only to engineers who need to work on it. Reducing the risk of sensitive commercial information leaking into the press that can harm their share price.

In some ways the ultimate level of data segregation is for military. In particular the US ITAR standard clearly restricts data to not leave a physical location and only ever be seen by US citizens. An effective solution for management of ITAR data is offered as an option on hirelHUB.