Test Data Management

With manufacturing and development often on different continents the management of big test data is challenge in the semiconductor industry. Using cloud computing and proven database software MFG Vision can transform your data management. The data can be STDF or multiple other formats and the data can come from Wafer Fab, Wafer Sort and Final Test.

A key benefit of MFG Vision data management is that data becomes accessible anytime and anywhere. This means that your engineers in different timezones and different physical locations can all access all of the data. As well as anytime and anywhere the data (and analysis) can be accessed on any platform, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Unix, Android and more…

Proven, efficient data pipelines bring in data from many sources into a central database. The yieldHUB database ensures the highest levels of efficiency in the transfer, parsing and storage of the data.

We provide test data management solutions to companies from small fabless companies up to major multinational IDMs. Your data can be hosted on our servers or hosted on your own internal servers. Both solutions have been running across continents for a number of years. You can see more about solutions for your company by following the links to “Solutions by Company”.

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