As well as working with data from OSATs on behalf of our Fabless and IDM customers (most IDMs also use Foundry and OSAT to access a wider range of technology) MFG Vision also works directly with OSATs and our application engineers are on site in a number of OSATs.

With most OSATs we recommend first to use our GageVision software. This helps to reduce the number of test issues which are leading to yield issues in production.

osatHUB is a full enterprise solution for data management, yield improvement and OEE improvement in OSATs. It helps OSATs to provide timely reports (e.g. daily) to their fabless customers on the performance of their products in production. The detail that OSATs now have through the use of osatHUB is unprecedented. Extremely useful for themselves and for their customers.

osatHUB has tools for Production Monitoring, including automated reports and alerts; Root Cause, including automated ANOVA and GageVision; Augmented Data, customisation allows additional information to be added such as customer lot ID; Knowledge Base, as with all yieldHUB platform systems a knowledge base can be built up and problems solved faster next time. Automated Consolidation, data is consolidated, first time test and retest, as it arrives in the system.

Find out more about osatHUB on the product page here.