The first question we often get from Fabless companies is whether they will be able to get data from the Foundries and OSATs to carry out analysis. The answer is a clear yes. Our systems are designed to have an automatic pipeline for the data, this is quick and easy to set-up. You can be assured that our customers are already bringing data into their databases from all of the major foundries and OSATs.

In addition we work with the OSATs directly to help improve efficiency. This means that MFG Vision application engineers are onsite in a number of OSATs.

MFG Vision collaboration tools are directly applicable to Fabless companies. Our data segregation allows you to give access to Foundry and OSAT engineers to only their data. This has been successfully running for a number of years and is increasingly popular for subcontractor management.

yieldHUB – Fabless, is the ideal system for fabless companies to manage your yields. With all of the tools you need as standard, additional tools as options and customisation available to allow your company to gain competitive advantage.