How We Do It

MFG Vision’s yieldHUB is a web native product running on the cloud or on internal customer servers.

yieldHUB processes all the production and MES data available from a customer and provides a complete toolset for optimising yields and product performance. Key attributes:

  1. Handles data management for all your production data into a scalable relational database
  2. Provides dashboards for all your yield analysis and monitoring needs
  3. Alerts you of anomalous wafers and lots and their behavior
  4. Sends daily and weekly summary reports to your Inbox
  5. Provides thorough characterisation, ramp-up and high volume analysis
  6. Correlates performance of your wafers and lots right across manufacturing

For nearly thirteen years we have built up a formidable cohort of customers from the smallest fabless companies to the largest IDMs in the world.

If you design or manufacture semiconductors and wish to optimise your yields in a cost effective manner, you have come to the right place.