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Make Vs Buy of your Yield Management System

Is it ever worth re-inventing the wheel? Every industry outsources key functions over time. Airlines outsource baggage handling, construction companies outsource pipe-laying. Many fast growing technology companies outsource enterprise software and many are tempted to build their own. Yield Management Software (“YMS”) is no different.  Why have a YMS system at all? Whether built internally or… Read more »

Big Data Trials!

There is an interesting trend in growth in the size of datasets that customers want to use for trials of our semiconductor yield management software.

When you hardly ever have to login to your Yield Management System but still swear by it!

  One of our Semiconductor Yield Management customers hasn’t logged into their yieldHUB system for a couple of months. On the other hand, their data pipeline adds multiple Gigabytes of STDF and WAT/PCM data every month to the database and they swear by the system. How is it that they rarely log in, yet value yieldHUB so highly? The… Read more »

Are My Yields too Good to Even Bother with YMS?

A Yield Management System (YMS) is virtually essential these days to manage volumes of product with fewer available engineers. But when your semiconductor yields in final test or wafer sort are already in the high nineties, why indeed would you need a Yield Management System like yieldHUB? This is a question we received only the… Read more »

A Refreshed Perspective from above 3000m

Working with customers throughout the world demands early starts and late finishes. Having a young family means that every moment of time that could be spare is soaked up 10 times over. Most attempts at some “away time” are not possible as modern life is 24/7. The nearest I usually come to getting away from… Read more »

Make Historical Yield Analytics More Efficient With Standardized STDF Metadata

When a product goes into production, comparative yield and parametric data are important to help maintain or improve the yield while providing data to work with when investigating yield busts. When dealing with hundreds or even thousands of datalogs, the engineer would benefit from being able to aggregate and compare the data according to metadata values… Read more »