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For JMP users: Save hours every time with yieldHUB

By John O’Donnell, Founder & CEO, yieldHUB So you’re a JMP user and your company has just purchased yieldHUB. So you’re wondering, is this a good thing or a bad thing? You have invested years into JMP and although you find it always took a lot of time to get the right data into JMP,… Read more »

(A∪C) ⊆ (A∪B∪C∪D)

By Jason Bent, Principal R&D Engineer, MFG Vision In the manufacturing of physical, non organic, items there are, roughly speaking, three areas: Subtractive: start with a block of stuff and remove bits until you are left with the object you want Additive: build up increasing amounts of stuff until you have the thing you want Assembly: combine… Read more »

Effective Semiconductor Yield Management: 8 key questions

Effective Yield Management ensures that you minimise scrap and lower the cost of manufacturing. Whether you have one product or a thousand, the effort is worth it. Take a product with a volume of 100 wafers per month where the yield is 93% and each wafer costs $5000 from the foundry. A yield improvement to… Read more »

Characterisation of New Products

By John O’Donnell, April 8th 2018 I recall doing Characterisation on many occasions on analog and mixed signal devices twenty years or so years ago. The goal of Characterisation then and now is to make sure that the variation in behaviour of semiconductors due to changes in Material or Test Conditions is fully understood. Examples of… Read more »

Partnership in Taiwan between MFG Vision and Best-IIC

There has been excellent progress made in Taiwan this week between MFG Vision and our partners Best-IIC.  MFG Vision Directors Kevin and Jerome visited to meet with staff, partners and customers.  Kevin Robinson, Director of Customer Success says “It is always great to be in Taiwan, to visit our customer success manager and to meet… Read more »

Figuring out binary datalog formats without a specification

by Jerome Auza, Director of Engineering , MFG Vision The Challenge Being in the realm of semiconductor data with a wide range of customers, companies often throw interesting technical challenges at us. The most complex one so far this year is probably a request (OK, a requirement!) to interpret binary test datalog files so that they can… Read more »

Ramp your Multi-site Test Yield Faster with “Test Environment” Gage R&R

Ramp your Multi-site Test Yield Faster with “Test Environment” Gage R&R by Kevin Robinson, Director of Customer Success, MFG Vision Gage R&R has been used for many years in the semiconductor industry to measure variation during test for repeatability and reproducibility. These measurements are then used to assess the suitability of the test for production…. Read more »

What types of companies do business with MFG Vision?

Here’s an overview of our customer types who come from many countries around the world: High profile international conglomerates who have semiconductor divisions often supplying chips to their own divisions, who like to have a system that helps them analyse millions of chips a month Fast growing fabless start-up companies who want to concentrate on… Read more »

Make Vs Buy of your Yield Management System

Is it ever worth re-inventing the wheel? Every industry outsources key functions over time. Airlines outsource baggage handling, construction companies outsource pipe-laying. Many fast growing technology companies outsource enterprise software and many are tempted to build their own. Yield Management Software (“YMS”) is no different.  Why have a YMS system at all? Whether built internally or… Read more »