MFG Vision Limited was incorporated in 2005 to address a gap in the market for cost-effective and efficient analysis of semiconductor test data.

We introduced out first real-time product “PatVision” in 2006.  This was the first final test real-time PAT solution and Infineon was our lead customer. Since then the method has been adopted worldwide as a standard Parts Average Testing algorithm for Final Test where you have only one chance to fail a die that looks unreliable.

We introduced out first web-based product “FloorVision” in 2007.  Lead customers were fabless companies and were soon followed by IDMs. By 2009 multiple companies had hundreds of users benefitting from FloorVision.

During 2012 HiRelVision was developed as the High Reliability sector has additional requirements and problems for which solutions were provided.

A new platform was launched in 2013 by the name of yieldHUB. This was the first semiconductor YMS platform to combine powerful analytical tools with concepts from social networking.

As before fabless companies led the early adoption and yieldHUB – fabless became the first product of the yieldHUB family. This was followed by shmooHUB which was a development on the yieldHUB platform to revolutionise the analysis of shmoo plots which are increasingly important at advanced technology nodes. Intel is lead customer for shmooHUB.

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